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The company has accumulated thousands of well-known customers worldwide, covering dozens of industries including chemical materials, medicine, energy, automobile, agriculture, consumer goods, logistics and Internet. Through professional and efficient quantitative and qualitative research strategy, based on years of accumulation of database at home and abroad, with many experts and scholars with rich professional background (graduated from domestic famous universities in the long-term of enterprise management; experts and scholars from domestic colleges and universities and MBA graduates from overseas once served in multinational consulting company and wholly-owned foreign enterprises as senior managers and qualified micro-consulting expert team, etc.), excellent industry analysis team (the mathematical analysis, Swot analysis, multi-dimensional returning analysis, macro and micro market analysis, market segmentation and market positioning, market supply and demand analysis, product analysis, consumer buying behavior analysis, SPSS statistics and various PPT graphics production team), from Boston matrix analysis method and McKinsey 7 steps to analysis, XYZ Research serves the customers at home and abroad.

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